The Pizza Company was born when two friends, James Dean and Calvin Hill, came to look at a property for sale. These guys along with their wives, Starla Dean and Stacie Hill, have flipped a few houses and renovated several rental properties since 2008.

Calvin discovered the property was for sale in the Fall of 2016. He and James went to check it out. The property consisted of two houses, two garages, and another building. Calvin was thinking of rental units, but James—after working at a factory for a couple of years—saw the need for a place to eat.

With nearly 5,000 people working in the area, and time for a quick lunch, why not give these hard-working men and women another option?

So after a lot of discussion and prayer, the two couples decided to go for it! The property was purchased and renovations began in January 2017. Flipping houses and house renovations are quite different than opening a restaurant, but James and Calvin have always believed that you can learn to do anything.