‘The Birth of a Community Hub

Welcome to The Pizza Company, Mansfield’s pizza heart. James and Starla Dean, along with another passionate couple, discovered potential in a forgotten property in the Industrial Park in 2016. Recognizing the area’s hunger for varied dining options, they pursued a dream: creating a pizza haven where quality meets convenience.

Turning Vision into Reality

Memories of the challenges factory workers face highlighted the need for a swift, quality dining solution. Though many met the restaurant idea with skepticism initially, our unwavering vision led us forward. Determined to serve the community’s needs, we transformed this dream into Mansfield’s favorite dining spot.

Overcoming the Hurdles

We launched The Pizza Company in August 2017, navigating a path filled with challenges. Instead of seeing property renovations and the quest for the perfect pizza recipe as setbacks, the Dean’s tackled each obstacle, strengthening their resolve.

Community: The Heart of Our Journey

The Mansfield community owns our story as much as we do. Local love, support, and encouragement molded our tale, emphasizing our mission at each turn.

Evolving with Our Patrons’ Needs

We’ve evolved relentlessly from the outset. Always aiming for excellence, we diversified our menu, launched delivery services, and ventured into catering. In 2018, a pivotal moment arose when the Dean’s assumed full leadership, ushering in a new phase of growth and community connection.

More Than Just a Restaurant

With James and Starla’s fervent leadership, The Pizza Company embodies community spirit, resilience, and culinary brilliance. Woven from community ties and collective dreams, our mission keeps us inspired. As we craft delicious pizzas and impact lives daily, we anticipate many more years of gastronomic joy.

james and starla dean